Mold Sickness


Mold Diseases

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   Mold Blindness                Oral Candida            Mucus Membranes          Skin Lesions

                                                        Mold Diseases

      Diseases from Mold can get Serious Very Quickly
                                   if Left Untreated

    The following "Rated" sites give you very accurate information about mold.

                          Finally a Nationwide Live Help Line for Mold Problems.
                          To Speak to a Live Person about your Mold Problem
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BioSign Laboratory Corporation

A wealth of information concerning MOLD DISEASE. This Lab gives you the documented and the real diseases caused by Mold. Mold Exposure and the Common Misdiagnosis of
Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Lung and Sinus Infections, Fatigue Syndrome or feel sick and there simply is no diagnosis?
They  specializes in Blood Testing for mold.               (A Rated Site)

The North American Institute Of Technology

Give these folks a call. They produce some of the best trained Certified Mold people in the Country, They actually have a Call In Question Hot Line about Mold and they really are a big Help. (A+ Rated for telephone calls)

Leading Mold Researchers

See what the leading Mold Dr's and Researchers have to say about Mold and Disease


This site talks about mold rip offs and how to handle insurance and Mold claims
(A+ For insurance)

The Home Owner's Guide to Mold

If you have Mold you need this book. "The Homeowners Guide to Mold", a good piece of work.  Lot's of color pictures, what to look out for, who's a con-artist, and a lot more. You may want to get this book before you file a Mold complaint. It's available in all Lowe's, some Home Depots, Barns & Noble, Boarder's Books and
(A rated as a guide)

Center for Disease Control  "CDC"
Government Information Pages about Chronic Mold Sickness

Environmental Protection Agency "EPA"

EPA, as with most government agencies their information is not cutting edge and you have to look for the real updates within the Mold resource community itself. Most of the information is fairly solid, but some is out dated and offers no business savvy information for remediation help.

Get Mold Tested

Legal, environmental, insurance and more, a great resource site Speak to a "LIVE" PERSON about your mold problems

Mold Symptoms.Org

Learn about all of the symptoms of mold sickness, mold Illness and Mycotoxin poisoning


Great website a lot of good information about mold illness

Mold Tests.Org

Find the right medical tests and environmental tests for your mold problems

Mold Victim.Org

Great mold resource for medical treatment and testing and mold news